Mission Statement

To be a LEADER Growing inwardly and outwardly through character development and leadership training… Taking charge of a situation under pressure…  paying the price in sweat, effort and sacrifice… showing the way through good example and servant hood. 

To be HARDWORKING Closing the Gap between your potential and your performance… Making every workout and giving great effort, staying current with daily assignments and do our part to maintain a team GPA above 3.0…  It is not if we can or can’t;  it is if we will or we won’t…  Good or Great? 

To be a SPORTSMAN Showing enthusiasm, spirit and courage all the time… taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve…  being humble and gracious both on and off the field…  respecting your opponent in both victory and defeat 

To be a COMPETITOR  Possessing a deep desire and determination to win… having pride in yourself and never giving up…  Give more effort than your opponent on every play 

To be AGGRESSIVE  Hitting first and hitting harder than your opponent… hustling all the time, always giving maximum effort 

To be UNIFIED develop a family environment within our team… Encourage each other to be the best…  Encourage our classmates in their endeavors 

To be DEDICATED Being well conditioned through proper training and diet… making every practice and working hard every play… studying your playbook to reduce mental errors… disciplining yourself to follow team rules and guidelines 

To be ACCOUNTABLE represent  your teammates and coaches…  Doing what you are supposed to even when no one is watching you

To be LOYAL Thinking in terms of “we” instead of “me”… sacrificing for the good of the team… respecting the team and your teammates

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